A new book has been published that details the history of Fruehauf, called "Singing Wheels, August Fruehauf & the History of the Fruehauf Trailer Company."

The 129-page book was written by Ruth Ann Fruehauf and Darlene Norman. Co-Author Ruth Ann Fruehauf is the granddaughter of company founder August Fruehauf. The book includes 90 pages of original photographs and 39 historical texts. 

It chronicles August Fruehauf and his company, the Fruehauf Trailer Company, which created the first flatbed semi-trailer, van trailer, ground-hugging carryalls, refrigerated trailer, adjustable pole trailers, tandem trailers and commodity tankers, according to the author.

Fruehauf was at one point the 75th largest company in the world, with plants throughout the U.S. and subsidiaries worldwide, until the company went bankrupt. Eventually, its international subsidiaries became independent and it was purchased by Wabash National.

Fruehauf trailers are still being produced in countries such as France, Germany and New Zealand.

The book is available in softcover and hardcover on Amazon.com and through the Fruehauf Trailers Historical Society website.