Incidents involving the transportation of hazardous materials can devastate a company. For hazmat employees, they can result in serious injuries, or worse. They can also cause damage to a company’s equipment, property and product, as well as to the environment. Fines are costly, up to $10,000 per day, and can be incurred daily until a problem is fixed.

To help reduce the potential for hazmat incidents, the Hazardous Materials Regulations require all companies to train each hazmat employee, according to 49 CFR §172.704(a)(1) training requirements.

Hazmat employees can now receive standardized, consistent hazmat training anytime, anywhere. J. J. Keller & Associates has developed Hazmat: General Awareness Training (What’s Required and How to Comply). This new online course is self-paced and available from any location with an internet connection.

After completing the course, hazmat employees will be able to:
     • Define key hazmat-related terms;
     • Identify the required areas of hazmat training;
     • Verify a material’s hazard classification using the HMR;
     • Navigate the Hazardous Materials Table for information on a specific material;
     • List the required methods to communicate a material’s hazard type;
     • Distinguish between a label, placard and marking; and
     • Explain the importance of shipping papers and Emergency Response Information.

In addition to general awareness training, the course walks learners through a function-specific training checklist to help identify their needs for additional required hazmat training.