MATS, LOUISVILLE -- Hallco Industries unveiled a new product called the Accelerator that can unload trailers up to 30% faster.

The Accelerator enables truck operators to quickly unload their cargo, thereby saving time especially for operators with frequent load turns. This technology will be standard on all new Hallco floors moving forward. In addition, trucking companies can also easily retrofit the Accelerator onto their existing units.

From an operator’s perspective, the Accelerator is simply a handle that switches from Accelerator-mode to standard-mode and back again.

According to Charley Russell, sales manager with Hallco, the Accelerator offers many advantages during installation and operation such as “no need for new hydraulic parts or hydraulic technologies, seamless integration with the drive. Operators can switch from Accelerator-to standard-mode and back even while unloading.”

Hallco also announced what it says is an industry-leading, three-year warranty on all i-Series drives.