MATS, LOUISVILLE – The driver information center on certain Peterbilt models now features real-time messages that coach and reinforce positive driving habits by showing performance scores and suggesting alternate methods.

“Our newly enhanced Driver Information Center is a proven way to help all drivers – from the novice to the most seasoned – operate with greater efficiency, said Darrin Siver, Peterbilt’s general manager and a Paccar vice president. This will translate into bottom-line savings for our customers by helping reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.”

The module is available for Peterbilt’s 579, 567 and 587 models equipped with Paccar MX-13 diesels. It monitors numerous vehicle systems and driving habits to provide operator feedback through a scoring system that rewards practices to reduce fuel use and minimize brake wear.

“The new functionality promotes good driving habits through an in-dash display that provides intuitive messaging and anticipated scoring to help operators shift, accelerate, brake and perform other functions at optimized levels,” said Landon Sproull, chief engineer.

The display shows drivers their performance scores in categories like gentle braking and coasting, as well as total driver performance scoring percentage.

If the system detects driving habits that are detrimental to fuel economy – such as erratic acceleration – or reduce component life – like excessive hard braking – it will provide coaching tips with suggested corrective actions.

For instance, the system may suggest the operator make greater use of engine retarder devices and less brake pedal use to maximize the life of the foundation brakes.

Sproull said the system works while the vehicle is in operation and while parked, the latter to help reduce idling time.

The driver information center is a 5-inch, color LCD display screen located within the driver instrumentation cluster so operators can receive the information without taking their eyes off the road. In addition to the new functionality, it provides operators with essential data on vehicle and engine functions.

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