MATS, LOUISVILLE, KY -- Meritor Wabco and SmartDrive Systems teamed up to give new insight into the data from active safety systems on the truck by adding a video component.

ProView Powered by SmartDrive will provide insights into driving situations through video-based analysis.

If the Meritor Wabco stability control system is activated, for instance, video capture is triggered, and it's matched up with other data input to provide a complete look at what happened.

The video feature, similar to “game film” analysis used by experts during televised sporting events, unifies vehicle, driver and driving data. The system comes with a forward-looking and in-cab camera. Fleet managers have access to the video through SmartDrive’s Web-based back-office application. Drivers can access the video directly through a smartphone app.

"We're actually moving from the vehicle-based to the driver side of the equation, and really more into the fleet side of the equation," explained Jon Morrison, president and general manager for Meritor Wabco, in a briefing for reporters Wednesday "It's a proactive program that enables fleets to really use the data and information that's coming from the safety technologies on the vehicle, the engine information, the various data inputs, and coupling that with video data analytics that really give a comprehensive picture."

Saying the new system incorporates the human element, Morrison said, "We're trying to take this enormous amount of data coming from the vehicle and the driver and try to prioritize that. Many fleets are getting so much data and what they do with that is the biggest problem they have. We're doing the analysis and sorting of the data and proiding only the most high value events."

A personalized driving performance improvement program and predictive analytics are also available to help reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency. In addition, ProView will offer extensive resource materials, including safety and efficiency best practices, what other safety technology could be integrated into the ProView dashboard, as well as an online discussion forum.

The system will be available starting in May.