ORLANDO – A maker of collision avoidance systems, Mobileye, rolled out additions to its safety system known as the Enhancement Box, during the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

Available as a companion product to the Mobileye’s 5 Series, the Enhancement Box can be used to automatically activate different functions of the vehicle, such as turning on the hazard lights or turning off the radio, when safety alerts are generated.

The 5 Series provides the driver with audio-visual warnings in critical real-time including forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, lane departure warning and other types of warnings.

The Enhancement Box can also be connected to different functions of the vehicle providing the fleet and safety managers the ability to tailor the system to fit their needs, according to the company. For instance, connecting the hazard lights to the Enhancement Box, can cause them to be lit or blink when a forward collision warning is activated, not only notifying the driver but also other drivers of a potential problem.

There are other functions that can be connected to the Enhancement Box including:

  • Muting or the radio, so audio alerts are heard
  • Factory cruise control can be deactivated to provide greater control of the vehicle
  • Any function or third party device that has “discreet input”