ORLANDO -- J.J. Keller announced Saturday that its Encompass E-log and fleet management system is now compatible with iPhone and iPad through the KellerMobile app, the first in the industry to be certified by Apple.

Predicting the demise of paper logs within five years, James J. Keller said his company will be ready to give customers a flexible electronic log and fleet management solution.

The announcement was made Saturday prior to the American Trucking Associations' Management Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

<p>James J. Keller announces the availability of electronic logs on Apple devices at a press conference prior to the American Trucking Associations' annual convention. <em>(Photo by Evan Lockridge)</em></p>

The KellerMobile app works with its Gen II ELD/EOBR, installing easily into any commecial motor vehicle. It's compatible with all vehicle classes. Data from the ELD/EOBR is instantly transferred to the app, which then transmits it to the cloud-based Encompass back office system, so fleet managers can view, report, track and analyze compliance and performance levels.

Keller recently announced an all-in-one Compliance Tablet using a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but this announcement gives customers more flexibility.

With this strategy, customers can bring their own device, or they can get a turnkey Compliance Tablet. Fleets can come to the table with an Apple device, and Android device, or a combination. They can start with the back-office software and ease into e-logs, or jump in all at once.

"We're going to get a lot of medium and small fleets, but we're also going after some big ones," Keller said. "A lot of people have iPhones and iPads. It just makes good sense."

When asked about the claim of being the first such software offered on the Apple system, James Keller said, "We've been told by Apple that we're the only certified Apple product."

"We think we've got the bases covered with the technology," he said. For companies who "aren't going to do the convernsion till they have a gun to their head, they're going to call J.J. Keller and say, 'What are we going to do?' We're going to tell them, 'Here's what you can do.'"

The new J.J. Keller app for Apple is expected to be available for download in mid-November.