Dometic Group launched the Dometic Truck Comfort Line of products, designed to increase driver comfort on long-haul journeys, and bring improved economies for fleet owners.

Available for new and existing vehicles, the Dometic Truck Comfort Line includes air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, air purifiers, cleaning supplies and battery and inverter boxes.
Dometic engineers its products to minimize environmental impacts while also improving the economics for fleet owners. For instance, by using no-idle battery-powered air conditioning units, truck fleets can reduce emissions and save money on diesel.
Featured items in the Dometic Truck Comfort Line include:

  • No-Idle Battery-Powered Air Conditioning System. This battery-operated A/C system achieves heavy-duty cooling in tough environments, and is more economical than diesel-run units. For instance, with diesel fuel at $3.75 per gallon and an idling truck burning 1.1 gallons per hour, trucks running battery-powered A/C for 10 sleeping hours will save $41.25 in fuel costs per night versus idling the truck on diesel. With this savings on a truck that operates 275 days per year or more, the battery-powered air conditioner pays for itself in about a year.
  • CD-50 Drawer Refrigerator. For truck sleeper cabs in class 8 trucks, this drawer refrigerator has a 50-liter total capacity including a 4-liter freezer compartment that can hold three large meals. The freezer compartment is removable to fit more or larger items needing refrigeration only. The CD-50 is connection-ready for 12/24V DC operation, and has low-voltage protection.
  • CD-30 Drawer Refrigerator. This drawer refrigerator is ideal for installation under a seat, in an outside storage compartment, or anywhere a front-loading refrigerator cannot fit. It requires less than 10 inches of height for installation and the easy-pull drawer has a 30-liter total capacity. Roller-bearing slides ensure smooth and easy access.
  • CF Series Portable Coolers. This line of portable coolers with convenient carrying handles can act as refrigerators or freezers. In sizes from 10 to 107 liters, they can be set from zero to 50 degrees F using the soft-touch control panel with digital temperature display. With versatile power options, the CF coolers can plug into a cigarette lighter or be wired into the cab, running on 120V AC power, or a 12V or 24V power source.
  • Breathe Easy Air Purifier – Portable or In-Duct. These highly efficient air purifiers combine two technologies – ultraviolet light and innovative photocatalytic nanomesh technology – to eliminate odors, tobacco smoke, harmful bacteria and pollutants, and may reduce symptoms of allergies and asthma.
  • Odor Absorb Supreme. This convenient, simple-to-use product can be placed anywhere in your cab to remove the toughest smoke, gasoline, pet, urine and mildew odors. It contains a scientifically unique blend of neutralizers that also remove formaldehyde from the air.
  • Battery and inverter boxes. Available in five sizes, Dometic battery and inverter boxes provide a dry and secure place for the batteries and inverter that power Dometic HVAC systems for trucks. These rugged aluminum boxes install in minutes and are available empty or fully loaded with the essential power components.