Omnitracs Inc. announced the availability of its Vehicle Maintenance application on the Mobile Computing Platform 50. Vehicle Maintenance captures important engine and vehicle diagnostic information and sends it to drivers and fleet managers so that service can be proactively scheduled to reduce repair costs.
Initially launched in 2008 and also available on Omnitracs’ MCP110 and MCP200, the Vehicle Maintenance application monitors the most common engine fault codes and periodically reports vehicle diagnostic information and when alerts are generated. Fleets may configure the reporting intervals to align with their business needs. 

Back office personnel receive the notifications via an intuitive web interface or emails, while drivers are notified of engine faults on the in-cab display. This insight allows drivers and managers to easily view and correct problems that arise, while also enabling fleets to direct vehicles to the best inspection and service locations for preventative repairs to minimize on-road and out-of-network failures.
Vehicle Maintenance provides the option to view both current and historical information about each vehicle or the entire fleet, making it easier to plan and schedule regular maintenance. Vehicle View provides a more detailed diagnostic, location and profile snapshot, along with graphical representations of generated data, to improve analysis and resolution of reported fault conditions.