Oliver Rubber, a provider of products and services in the tire retreading industry, has launched XS-T, a drive position precure retread for severe on/off road applications. XS-T is designed for single axle and tandem axle off-road applications such as logging and mining.   

The XS-T accepts chains and can be used with many casing types and it has a self-cleaning tread design. It is currently available in 230 mm and 240 mm sizes; a 220 mm size will come in the third quarter of 2013.

The XS-T includes Oliver’s exclusive VDI feature.This tread feature acts as a visual depth indicator, plus it resists the retention of road debris and helps in the enforcement of pull points.

VDI plus has two extremely useful benefits for transportation and logistics companies. First, easy visual tread depth gauging enhances the budget planning process for fleet operations.

Second, by reducing lodging of foreign material, it helps abate stone drilling conditions and casing penetration issues that typically occur in severe service applications. All Oliver retreads carry a national warranty to 2/32nds of tread depth.