Grote Industries now offers two new signal lamps specifically designed for mounting on agricultural, construction, and other off-highway equipment. The new LED lamps incorporate advanced lens optics that increase mounting flexibility, while eliminating the need for extra circuit boards and LEDs specifically dedicated to side illumination.

The innovative system includes a double faced amber warning lamp, a single side red stop/tail/turn lamp, and a control module that links powered vehicles to towed equipment and application-specific harnesses. The lamps are available in pedestal and surface mount models. The surface mount lamps can be mounted in single-lamp or dual-lamp configurations, using a custom connector bracket. Either configuration can be mounted in vertical, horizontal, or inverted orientation and still meet ASABE S279 lighting specifications. All lamps are available with both Packard and Deutsch connectivity.

The new Grote lamps are completely potted to enhance thermal management and improve vibration resistance. The lamps employ 12/24 bi-voltage circuitry and are certified to meet IP67 requirements for maximum protection from dust and water intrusion.

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