Air-Weigh, a global provider of on-board electronic scales, announced that they are now making available a scale for use on the Heil Starr refuse and recycling vehicle.
Accurately measuring the weight of refuse is challenging. Weight is added to refuse trucks constantly throughout the course of a route, and drivers have little idea when their trucks are nearing full capacity. Without any way to monitor the payload weight, drivers risk overloading every day. 

An overloaded truck puts safety at risk, and causes undue wear and damage to the truck. Air-Weigh scales provide a solution in the form of accurate weight measurements for each axle as well as payload and gross vehicle weight.

Now Heil Starr users can access this information from inside their cab with a push of a button.

The new scale for Heil Starr vehicles is based on Air-Weigh’s proven LoadMaxx scale technology. It uses air pressure sensors to measure and calculate the tractor steer and drive axle weights, and deflection sensor technology on the trailer axle to measure the trailer weight.

Warning and overweight alarm outputs are also available from the scale. With weight information right in the cab, the driver no longer has to guess whether the vehicle is almost full or over-loaded.