Peak Commercial & Industrial, an Old World Industries company, is unvailing new test strips for its Final Charge heavy-duty extended-life coolant/antifreeze.

Test strips for the Final Charge Global Extended  Life Coolant measure the organic acid and are not affected by conventional inhibitors such as silicate, borate, nitrate, molybdate and phosphate.
The process is as easy as obtaining a coolant sample, dipping the test strip in for three seconds and matching the inhibitor to the color chart provided that guides follow-up maintenance recommendations. Kits are available with and without a refractometer.
Peak Commercial & Industrial is also offering a 1 million mile guarantee on Final Charge Coolant.

“We all know that high-performing, fully functioning equipment is essential to success and it’s critical to have a resource for the best functional fluids to keep those machines running,” said Frank Cook, Senior Vice President of New Product Development at Old World Industries.  “We know that this product will last for at least 1 million miles and we’re backing it up with a guarantee.”
The patented inhibitor system used in Final Charge coolant is formulated with Contamination Tolerant Additives and is fully compatible with all coolant technologies, according to the company.

Conventional coolants require the costly addition of supplemental coolant additives approximately every 25,000 miles to replenish depleting inhibitor levels, while Final Charge coolant’s Organic Acid Technology (OAT) formula eliminates the need for SCAs.

Final Charge coolant's unique (NON 2-EH) formula addresses the world's diverse coolant requirements without using inhibitors that have problems in any country in the world, according to the company.