Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems launched Zero-Maintenance Damping ride technology at a MATS press event, and the technology is available exclusively through Hendrickson beginning the first quarter of 2013. 

Available on select VanTraax integrated air slider models, ZMD technology provides reduced maintenance by eliminating the shock absorbers. Robust chain down-stops replace the rebound limiter function traditionally performed by the shock absorber.

In addition to reducing the risks associated with roadside inspections and CSA violations, these heavy-duty down-stops provide durability, which translates to maintenance savings over the life of the trailer. Moreover, the down-stops provide protection for trailers being loaded onto rail freight cars.

An additional benefit of Zero-Maintenance Damping air springs is enhanced ride quality. 

ZMD air springs integrate the damping function traditionally performed by the shock within the air spring itself by exchanging pressurized air through channels interconnecting the bellows and piston of this patent-pending air spring. Unlike a shock absorber whose damping capacity is finite and deteriorates with age, ZMD air springs provide continuous damping at a consistent rate over the life of the air spring, increasing trailer component life.

Hendrickson’s research and development testing, combined with real-world road conditions, has shown that ZMD achieves suspension damping, which translates to improved ride quality, driver comfort and cargo protection.