LOUISVILLE, KY.– Mack Trucks has introduced the newest generation of its Econodyne family, the MP8 Econodyne+, a powerful engine ideal for on-highway customers who require additional muscle to move their loads.

The 12.8-liter MP8 Econodyne+ is rated at 505 horsepower with as much as 1,860 pound-feet of torque when operating in either of the transmission’s top two gears. This maximizes fuel efficiency while also providing the necessary power to help drivers climb long, steep grades.

 Normal torque is 1,650 pounds-feet, explained Dave McKenna, director of powertrain sales and marketing. When a driver is applying full throttle while climbing a steep grade and the rpms drop to 1,300, Mack’s intelligent torque management strategy, called EconoBoost, kicks in, providing the driver with an additional 200 pound-feet of torque. This enables him to stay in one of the higher gears until he crests the hill.

 “Customers demanded greater power, and we delivered it with the advanced MP8 engine platform,” McKenna said. “Mack customers working in mountainous areas requiring higher torque output can remain in top gear for longer, supplying more power and preserving fuel economy.”

Mack’s MP ClearTech engine series is composed of highly fuel-efficient and clean-running engines with near-zero emissions. The Econodyne+ engine is available in Pinnacle tractors and can be ordered now.