Without truck drivers, the freight won’t get delivered. If those drivers aren’t safe, it may not get there in one piece and the carrier could face regulatory and civil legal repercussions. If those drivers aren’t happy, they probably won’t provide good customer service.

But the industry is facing a situation that many have called “the perfect storm,” with demographics, regulatory and economic pressures creating a shortage of safe, qualified, quality drivers like none seen before.

For 2015, as the trucking industry deals with the worst driver shortage and capacity crunch in its history, Heavy Duty Trucking has delved into the topic with a 10-part series covering everything from driver pay to employee engagement, from using owner-operators to keeping drivers safe and legal.

Below you'll find the complete series, as well as related articles, news and commentary from Truckinginfo.com.

In the Magazine

Part 1, January HDT: In Search of Drivers

Part 2, February HDT: How Important is Pay?

Photo courtesy UPS

Photo courtesy UPS

Part 3, March HDT: Expanding the Driver Pool

Part 4, April HDT: In Search of Owner-Operators

Part 5, May HDT: Training for the Long Haul

Part 6, June HDT: Fleets Can Help Drivers Maximize Fuel Economy

Part 7, July HDT: Can Autonomous Trucks Solve the Driver Shortage?

Part 8, September HDT: How To Build An Engaged Driver Workforce

Part 9, October HDT: How CSA Compliance Can Benefit Fleets and Drivers

Part 10, November HDT: The Impact of Truck Driver Wellness Programs

WebXclusive Features

Art Johansson and Amanda Jones are a husband-wife driving team. Photo courtesy Drivewyze.

Art Johansson and Amanda Jones are a husband-wife driving team. Photo courtesy Drivewyze.

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Driver Shortage in the News

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