Photo: J.J. Keller

Photo: J.J. Keller

J.J. Keller & Associates has expanded the number of Hours of Service rule sets in its J.J. Keller Mobile logging app to help fleets maintain compliance under the electronic logging device mandate.

The new rule sets include the California Intrastate, Alaska Intrastate, and U.S. Motion Picture Industry rule sets. Other state- and industry-specific rule sets already offered by the J.J. Keller ELog system include U.S. Oil Field, Texas Oil Field, Canadian, Federal, and others.

Exempt Logs, like the 100- and 150-air-mile exceptions, are also supported by the system. J.J. Keller is currently in the process of adding the Wisconsin Intrastate rule set to its ELog system in the coming months with more to be added later.

Each rule set requires complex calculations that are developed and tested by J.J. Keller’s team of technology and regulatory specialists to ensure that the ELog system will be compliant with the different HOS rules that may apply, according to the company.

The J.J. Keller Mobile logging app is part of the Encompass ELog system. For more information on the Encompass ELog system and the company’s available rule sets, click here.