Two class action lawsuits were filed late last month against separate California port trucking companies over claims they wrongly classified drivers as independent contractors rather than employees.

A former driver for Pacific 9 and Coast Bridge, which haul containers in and out of the Port of Los Angeles, charges both also failed to pay wages and overtime and did not provide meal and rest breaks to its employee drivers and crew members, according to

Both cases are looking to include members in the class, including current and former port drivers of both companies, dating back four years prior to the filing of the suits.

The driver, Victor Castro, claims he and other drivers were regarded as independent contractors “even though the work performed and conditions of employment were that of an employee” and though each company “directs and controls the way the drivers perform their work, including controlling their schedule, where they deliver product and how they work.”

The law firm representing Castro, Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP of Los Angeles, told that this is the fourth class action lawsuit the firm has filed against Southern California-based trucking companies regarding misclassification claims.

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