Check out HDT's top safety and compliance stories from 2023. - Photo: Canva/Wayne Parham/HDT Illustration

Check out HDT's top safety and compliance stories from 2023.

Photo: Canva/Wayne Parham/HDT Illustration

Staying on top of the latest safety and compliance information is vital for trucking fleets, so as we wind up 2023, HDT is taking a look back at its top news and articles on safety and compliance topics, such as drug-testing, motor carrier safety scores, and more.

Our staff analyzed which of our safety and compliance stories were the most read in 2023 on

Many of the top stories helped fleet managers to stay on top of new regulations and proposals from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other federal agencies.

Also popular this year was HDT’s visit to a Georgia weigh station, where we spent time with weight inspectors and the sworn officers who conduct roadside inspections.

The following are the most-read HDT safety and compliance related articles in 2023 (as of Dec. 21):

  1. Pitfalls of CBD Use Among Commercial Drivers — Drivers regulated under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have long been prohibited from using marijuana, but how does CBD, a derivative of hemp, come into play?
  2. A TSA Hazmat Endorsement Security Check in 5 Steps — Part of getting a hazmat endorsement involves passing a federal background check. Here are the steps you need to know that are involved in that security check.
  3. FMCSA Nixes IRT in Proposed Changes in Identifying Unsafe Motor Carriers — When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced changes to its Safety Measurement System earlier this year, it rejected the National Academy of Sciences suggestion to include Item Response Theory (IRT).
  4. Behind the Scenes at a Weigh Station — We shared a look at what goes on behind the scenes at a weigh station, with a visit to one in Georgia. Learn about how the scale house functions and what officers focus on during inspections.
  5. DOT Rule Allows Oral-Fluid Specimen Testing for Drugs — The U.S. Department of Transportation published a final rule that allowed oral fluid specimen testing as an alternative to urinalysis for drug-testing of truck drivers and other safety-sensitive workers. However, as of the DOT's Dec. 1 report, there are still no laboratories certified to conduct drug and specimen validity tests on oral fluid specimens.
  6. 4 Things to Know About the Entry Level Driver Training Rule — A year after the FMCSA's new Entry Level Driver Training Rule went into effect, we looked at what fleets still might need to know about it.
  7. Are Marijuana Drug-Testing Rules Making Truck Driver Shortage Worse? — By 2023, many states had laws legalizing recreational marijuana. Given that 41% of truck drivers live in those states, what does that mean for trucking? We shared information from the American Transportation Research Institute's report, “Impacts of Marijuana Legalization on the Trucking Industry.”
  8. House Bill to Thwart Truck Speed-Limiters Not Likely to Gain Traction — The Deregulating Restrictions on Interstate Vehicles and Eighteen-Wheelers (DRIVE) Act was introduced to the House in May. However, it did not garner much support at that point. If passed, it would have kept FMCSA from being able to issue a final rule requiring speed limiters on Class 7 and 8 trucks. As of Dec. 21, the agency has yet to put out a formal Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
  9. NTSB Probes Deadly Bus Collision with Trucks Parked on Ramp ­— As the ongoing battle continues to be waged for more truck parking, several people lost their lives and others were injured when a commercial bus struck multiple trucks parked on the entrance ramp to a rest area in Illinois. Was trucking to blame?
  10. NHTSA Mulls Mandating Side Underride Guards for Trailers — In an advance notice of proposed rulemaking, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlined the results of its research on costs and benefits of mandated side underride guards for trailers.
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