Goodyear and ConMet are teaming up to provide truck fleets data on the health of their tires and...

Goodyear and ConMet are teaming up to provide truck fleets data on the health of their tires and wheel ends.

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Goodyear and ConMet are teaming up to create combined tire and wheel-hub digital solutions to connect commercial truck fleets to the health of their tires and wheel ends.

Calling it an industry first, the two companies announced they will use their combined expertise in connected mobility and their existing data resources to give fleets holistic insights on tire and wheel end performance. The goal is to allow fleets to remotely monitor their vehicles in real time, automate insights, and make better maintenance decisions. The results could improve vehicle safety, efficiency and uptime. 

Goodyear and ConMet said they are both on the forefront of connected mobility, with Goodyear's suite of Complete Tire Management Solutions and ConMet's PreSet Plus SmartHub system.

The PreSet Plus SmartHub system, which earned an HDT Top 20 Products award last year, uses a wireless network of sensors directly applied to the barrel of ConMet hubs to monitor hub health indicators such as temperature and vibration, sharing that information with fleets via telematics.

Goodyear's Complete Tire Management Solutions, announced a year ago, combines its tire monitoring, insights, and service capabilities, including Goodyear Tire Optix digital inspection toolset, Goodyear CheckPoint drive-over reader device, Goodyear TPMS Plus on-vehicle active tire monitoring system, and Goodyear TireReady comprehensive subscription-based tire management solution.

"ConMet and Goodyear are both committed to using the power of connectivity and sensor technology to help commercial vehicles perform more efficiently,” said Beto Dantas, chief technology and innovation officer at ConMet, in a news release. “This valuable, combined information will help extend tire longevity, maximize performance, keep vehicles on the road and reduce fleets' unscheduled downtime.”

"This exciting collaboration will further Goodyear and ConMet's shared goal of providing fleets with exceptional service and insights to help optimize their time on the road," added Johnny McIntosh, director, integrated solutions and tire management at Goodyear. "As two leaders in connected mobility, we will continue to work together to innovate and deliver new features and capabilities to our fleet customers into the future."

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