Workhorse Officially Names Electric Delivery Truck the C1000

Photo: Workhorse

Workhorse unveiled the latest test version of its next generation electric delivery vehicle during a private event for a group of current and prospective customers. Now officially named the C1000, this EDV was previously known as the Workhorse N-GEN, a placeholder used in reference to the company's overall development project.

With production imminent, Workhorse formally unveiled the new name and look.

The "C" references the vehicle's "composite" body, while the numeral indicates the cubic feet of the model's storage volume. The production-intent C1000 will be the first vehicle off the line, while its more compact C650 sister model will follow shortly thereafter.

The event was held at the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio, the largest independent vehicle test facility in the U.S. 

The C1000 EDV features a 100% structural composite body and frame, a design that eliminates more than 4,000 pounds of chassis and body weight compared to a conventional, internal combustion vehicle while carrying the same cargo volume and payload, according to Workhorse.

This weight advantage, combined with its ultra-low floor and 100-mile range, creates ergonomic and cost-saving benefits to make the electric vehicle alternative to traditional fleet delivery vehicles even more appealing.

Workhorse says it aims to create competitive advantages for its customers that differentiate them from the competition and provide a competitive edge.

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