New permanent trailer wraps make it possible for trucking companies to express their support of the Wreaths Across America program all year long. 
 -  Photo courtesy Modagraphics

New permanent trailer wraps make it possible for trucking companies to express their support of the Wreaths Across America program all year long.

Photo courtesy Modagraphics

Modagrafics, a fleet services graphics provider, entered into a pilot program to increase awareness of Wreaths Across America. Under the program, about 1.5 million military veterans had wreaths placed on their gravesites at national cemeteries last year. The goal of a new trailer graphics program endorsed by Wreaths Across America and adopted by a dozen companies is to improve visibility and raise donation levels so more veterans will be honored with a wreath this year on Dec. 15.

“We saw some amazing graphics and would get calls from trailer operators asking if there was a wrap they could use,” explained Deborah Sparks, who coordinates corporate development and community relations for the volunteer-based Wreaths Across America. “We don’t. But then I saw Craig Neustadt [business development manager) of Modagrafics at the private fleet truck show. Most people who want to wrap their trailers prefer to do it on a permanent basis. Craig said he could help.”

Neustadt and Michael Loizzo, Modagrafics VP of sales, came up with a plan to offer six trailer graphic designs. Using the Spedian Changeable Graphics System to install, the designs include a custom tagline. And Modagrafics is reinvesting in the program by donating a portion of each of the proceeds to Wreaths Across America.

“We have turnkey solutions, and Spedian makes trailer graphics a very attractive way for marketers to reach their target audiences,” said Michael Loizzo, VP of sales for Modagrafics. “Traditional wraps are being utilized by those partners that want to bring awareness to the program year-round. It’s a proven success, and partnering with Wreaths Across America made sense. I think it’s a great example of cause-based marketing and will improve their overall awareness.”

Pinellas Technical College in St. Petersburg, Florida, served as Wreath Across America’s prototype for the Modagrafics program. The college's Laura Kingsland and Mary Okeefe worked with Sparks to design three of the graphics being offered by Modagrafics.

“Wreaths Across America is one of the greatest honors you can present for our fallen veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country,” said Kingsland, a commercial vehicle instructor. “My father and grandfather were in the military. Mary’s father and son were in the military. So we both have respect for their service and sacrifices. The graphics on our trailer will never be removed. We are very humbled that we were allowed to create such an important symbol for our fallen veterans, and Modagrafics kept that integrity in the designs.”

The next month leading up to Dec. 15 represents the busiest time of the year for Wreaths Across America. Wreaths can be sponsored year-round, and all donations received after Nov. 30 will be applied to next year’s program. Sparks said 45 trailer loads of wreaths will depart from Maine Dec. 7-11 to four designated staging centers in Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington state. Volunteers work to the last minute to make sure the wreaths arrive at each cemetery in time for the event.

“The generosity of Modagrafics is incredible,” said Sparks, who said Wreaths Across America accepts every last-minute donation since the goal is to honor as many veterans as possible. “They cut costs to make it very affordable for any company to become involved, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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