P.A.M Transport has opted to equip 550 new Peterbilt 579s with factory-installed FlowBelow...

P.A.M Transport has opted to equip 550 new Peterbilt 579s with factory-installed FlowBelow Tractor AeroKits.

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After PAM Transportation Services tested FlowBelow’s aerodynamic enhancing products on its trucks, the carrier has decided to equip 550 new Peterbilt 579’s with factory-installed FlowBelow Tractor AeroKits.

The Arkansas-based truckload carrier initially tested FlowBelow’s products on five of its trucks in 2017 and followed it up with a large-scale, 200-truck test, comparing 100 trucks with AeroKits and 100 without. PAM Transport found a 2.2% average improvement in fuel savings in trucks equipped with the AeroKits and decided to request its next order of trucks with FlowBelow’s products already installed.

“A demo truck that we received with the FlowBelow system performed extremely well and piqued our interest,” said Paul Pettit, vice president of maintenance. “After validating the product, we requested it through our dealer, The Larson Group, for new truck orders.  TLG has since begun delivering our trucks with the product already installed, thereby saving us time and money.”

PAM Transport is a SmartWay Transport Partner and invests in methods to increase fuel efficiency, including training for drivers and aerodynamic equipment. Its tractors are equipped with FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit systems, auxiliary power units, fuel tank fairings, low rolling resistance tires, trailer side skirts, and automatic tire pressure systems.

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