The Dock Stop Gate from “Save”ty Yellow Products is a solution designed to prevent fork trucks from driving or backing off docks at warehouse and facility gates.

The Dock Stop is designed to withstand impacts of 4,000 pounds at 5 mph and meets OSHA requirements. The Dock Stop includes two rotating arms and two 42-inch tall mounting bollards (30-inch bollards are also available) connected by a sliding locking bar which locks in place with a pin. Anchors are available on request.

 “The Dock Stop fills a glaring void in dock protection products until it was developed, said Dan Gentile, president of “Save”ty Yellow Products. “There are bulky nets, lightweight gates and other partial protectors that are made more for gate awareness but those can’t proactively prevent forklift accidents. We also designed it without any pinch points during use. That’s why the Dock Stop is truly innovative in the facility safety field.”

Other dock solutions from “Save”ty Yellow Products include lightweight lift gates, driveway, rotating, and open dock gates, as well as door track protectors.