Lippert Components is bringing a new line of truck mattresses to market designed to exceed OE mattress standards and give drivers a mattress as good as the one they have at home.

Lippert currently builds 2,800 mattress each day for trucking and the RV market. During a press conference held in conjunction with the 2018 Technology and Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibit, Lippert Components introduced their latest somnum Sleeper Series mattresses.

"Driver satisfaction is top of mind for the majority of OTR trucking fleets as they deal with the challenges of a current driver shortage facing the commercial vehicle industry," notes Mike Padrnos, business development manager at LCI. “A comfortable mattress is a relatively small investment to a truck’s sleeper. A quality bunk mattress may entice a driver to join your company, stay with your company and might deter them from leaving. It’s certainly an important factor for drivers who spend 200+ nights on the road every year.”

Padrnos likened some of the current mattresses found while doing market research to be like "prison mats."

"We talked to drivers about existing products and some of the health problems they experience stemming from poor quality mattresses," he said. "we also discovered that drivers have great difficulty finding sheets to fit the obscure mattress sizes."

Lippert is also offering a line of specially tailored sheet sets for trucks. The fitted bottom sheet is equipped with a drawstring to cinch it tightly around the mattress. They are designed to fit mattresses up to 10 inches thick and come in a single color that compliments many of today's truck interiors. One SKU will cover about 80% of the mattress product currently in the market place, said Padrnos.

The newest somnum mattress is the Discovery; a 10-inch latex foam mattress constructed with a combination core. It pairs a thick polymer, spring base core, with a natural latex upper core.

The Indura Spring polymer base provides all the support and durability of a steel coil innerspring mattress without the extra weight.

The Discovery is lightweight, eco-friendly, and adds a durable, yet breathable cushioning solution. The 3-inch natural latex upper core delivers improved cushioning for pressure points like hips and shoulders, allowing for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. The Discovery’s Euro-top construction comes complete with somnum’s soft knit cover and an extra inch of quilted foam is sewn in to the cover for added luxury. The Discovery Latex Foam mattress is available in multiple sizes offering a sleep solution for drivers of most makes and models.  

According to Padrnos, all somnum Sleeper Series mattresses are made in Goshen, Ind. The plant is ISO certified and has been producing quality mattresses since 1997.