The Dorothy Tornadic EGR Cleaner is designed to remove heavy soot particles from the exhaust gas recirculation system and feed the cleaner gases back into the engine.

The process can lower NOx emissions, decrease DEF usage and increase engine efficiency, according to Dorothy manufacturer Pittsburgh Power.

The Dorothy works by taking in heavy soot mix and spinning it around while the engine is at full load. The heavy particles will remain on the outside diameter of the filter until EGR flow is low or nonexistent.

Each time a driver lets off the accelerator, the decreased EGR flow causes the particles to fall through the dropout gap and into a collection pot. This allows the lighter clean gasses to rise up and exit the top of the unit back into the engine intake.

The cleaner air can lead to more efficient engine combustion, decreased combustion temperature, lower NOx emissions, decreased DEF consumption, improved fuel economy, fewer ReGens, and less downtime, according to the company.