The Power Cube's portability also creates possibilities for adaptability to other end uses.

The Power Cube's portability also creates possibilities for adaptability to other end uses.

Photo: The Shyft Group

The Shyft Group introduced the Blue Arc Power Cube, a fully portable remote-controlled charging station with onboard energy storage to serve a variety of needs for commercial vehicle fleets and other end uses.

The Power Cube and a second Blue Arc product, an all-electric last-mile delivery van, were featured in an educational showcase on Capitol Hill for representatives from the U.S. Congress and Federal Executive Branch Departments and Agencies involved in the development of a domestic electric vehicle market.

Shyft is headquartered in Michigan with nearly 50 years serving commercial vehicle fleets.

“We’re at a critical time to decide where and how electric vehicle infrastructure is built,” said Debbie Dingell, U.S. representative. “This innovation addresses a major roadblock to growing the U.S. electric vehicle fleet and is an impressive advancement toward making EVs more accessible. I’m proud to see a Michigan-based company leading the way in expanding EV infrastructure, and I look forward to continuing to work in Congress alongside industry partners and other key stakeholders to move us closer to a zero-emission vehicle future while creating good jobs here at home and advancing American competitiveness on the world stage.”

Understanding that lack of EV infrastructure is one of the roadblocks to adoption, the Power Cube offers a solution: a mobile, customizable, commercial grade EV charger that does not need to be connected to the grid. Its fast and flexible deployment model is customizable, offering varying configurations to meet customers’ unique needs. It carries 3MW of onboard power and its Level 2 and Fast-DC charging capabilities can have vehicles up and running in one-two hours. The Power Cube is also supplemented with wind and solar power, including panels to track the sun for maximum exposure and charging, to ensure sustained service despite power grid failures.

“It’s important for us to create the needed infrastructure that will help move us away from fossil fuel dependency,” said Eric Fisher, SVP/GM of Shyft Innovations. “By rethinking the lifecycle of infrastructure – leveraging a portable, flexible microgrid that requires no digging or trenching for a permanent underground connection – we can advance the network of fleet charging solutions.”

The Power Cube's portability also creates possibilities for adaptability to other end uses.

The Blue Arc product ecosystem includes a commercial-grade EV chassis and the Blue Arc delivery van, a 100% battery-powered Class 3 electric commercial delivery vehicle designed for high-frequency, last-mile delivery fleets. With a high degree of configurability, the all-electric chassis is adaptable to last-mile delivery, work truck, mass transit, recreational vehicle, and other emerging EV markets.

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