J.W. Speaker has developed the Model 8800 Evolution 2, a new 4-inch by 6-inch LED headlight for the heavy-duty trucking market.

The headlight meets the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s guidelines for a 5-Star NCAP-compliant low beam design, according to J.W. Speaker. The headlight is an upgrade to the previous Model 8800, exceeding the proposed FMVSS 108 standard in three criteria: light output, glare reduction, and light placement.

"We are pleased to deliver the industry's first heavy-duty headlight that is not only ideally suited for this market, but it also meets NHTSA's proposed requirements for a lighting as part of their safety rating system,” said Michael Stoeckel, director of aftermarket sales for J.W. Speaker. “This gives the vehicle operator unparalleled performance in terms of visibility, for maximum safety and comfort.”

The Model 8800 Evolution 2 will include both heated and non-heated versions. The heated version combines electronic intelligence and a thermally conductive grid system to dynamically de-ice the lens on a real time basis without requiring any involvement from the driver.  The headlight also offers improved sealing, better condensation management, and a wider operating voltage than the previous model.

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