Phillips Industries’ Permalite XT 4-inch round clear reverse light offers high durability with improved resistance to impacts, corrosion, harsh chemicals and UV exposure.

The reverse light has 9 diodes, uses Boardfree technology and comes in either flange or grommet mount. The lights can be mounted in any direction and still meet SAE R and DOT specifications. The integrated male 3-pin AMP connector is sealed and greased to keep corrosion-causing contaminants out.

Phillips has also released a ¾-inch round hard-wired light to be used as an alternative when space is restricted. They are constructed with a polycarbonate lens and the housing is sealed to protect the three diodes inside from outside contaminants and moisture.

 The lights are available with a variety fo lens colors and wiring configurations for single or dual function marker/clearance, auxiliary and license lighting applications. All hard wired lights include their correlating mounting grommet.

The 2.0-inch and 2.5-inch mounting adapter plates constructed of non-corrosive polycarbonate material are being introduced to upgrade from traditional 2.0-inch and 2.5-inch flange style lights to smaller, more efficient LED lights.