Luber-finer’s mobile app is designed to help users identify the right filtration technology and locate where to obtain it for commercial vehicle applications.

The app offers several tools for finding parts including access to an online parts catalog, part search, cross reference, distributor locator and the ability to save favorite searches. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and helps drivers, technicians, maintenance managers and parts distributors quickly look up filter parts and find Luber-finer distributors that carry them.

The online parts catalog allows users to search the parts catalog to find the part number and specification details for any Luber-finer lube/oil, fuel/water, air, hydraulic, coolant or cabin air filter. The part search uses the part number to obtain a part description, dimensions and vehicle compatibility information.

The cross reference tool takes the part number of another brand’s filtration product and presents a comparable Luber-finer filter. The distributor locator finds nearby distributors by typing in the zip code and an adjustable mile radius filter. Lastly, frequently used part and distributor searches can be saved by clicking a star on the search results page which places them on a favorites tab in the app for future use.