TrackPoint Systems is partnering with Stemco to add remote reporting to several trailer tire and hub-mileage products, said Brett Jackson, TrackPoint’s vice president of sales, during an announcement at TMC’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

TrackPoint’s Solar G3 and TriPS trailer monitoring systems will combine with Stemco’s BatRF sensoring to acquire and report date from untethered trailers parked at yards and terminals, and those on the move. Real-time data from the Stemco airBat tire pressure monitor and tracBat Hubodometer devices will be broadcast to owners’ offices, along with information from the Aeris SmartSense tire inflation system.

A solar panel mounted atop a trailer will keep the G3’s battery charged when it’s not plugged into a tractor’s electrical system, Jackson said. Untethered, the battery will last six months.

“Fleets will now be able to get accurate and timely information about tire pressures and mileage from remote trailers,” said Chris Steph, Stemco’s product manager for the services. “This is a great solution for lease and rental fleets because it can help with accurate billing and ensures vehicle readiness.”

Information from TrackPoint cargo, door, reefer temperature and fuel-level sensors can also be monitored remotely and in real time, Jackson said. This will solve many concerns over the new Food & Drug Administration rules for product protection while in transit.