Mahle Service Solutions’ Smart A/C ArcticPro service machines feature an integrated diagnostic system to test for A/C and HVAC problems during service.

The ArcticPro ACX1185 and ACX1285 feature the TechPro automotive diagnostic system, providing A/C diagnostics and HVAC system testing that is integrated into the service process. Technicians can automatically ID a vehicle and DTC read to access vehicle data, training information and software updates wirelessly with the Bluetooth enabled VCI.

The ACX1185 service machine is designed for vehicles that use R134a refrigerant and the ACX1285 is for vehicles using the R1234YF refrigerant.

Controlled by a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, the Smart A/C units can generate customizable reports to show vacuum graphing and the leak rate as it happens. Both machines have remote service capabilities and have the option to expand to an external display.