Optronics International has added chrome-accented tail lamps and an SAE E-Compliant mid-ship Lamp to its line of GloLight LED lights.

The expansion includes the STL112 six-inch oval and STL113 four-inch round LED stop, tail, turn lamps and its E-rated mid-ship turn and intermediate market lamp. The lamps are different in design and function but share the smooth, glowing outer band that gives the family of GloLight lamps their signature appearance.

The STL112 6-inch oval and STL113 4-inch round lamps have been designed with mirrored reflectors to give the core of the lamps a stylized look that also optimizes light output. The STLL113’s feature a distinctive starburst light pattern emanating from the center of the lamp.

Optronics’ new six-inch oval mid-ship turn signal and intermediate marker lamp completes the line, allowing trailers to have GloLight lamps in nearly every position.

The 10-diode STL175 mid-ship lamp is SAE E-compliant and meets all California requirements for mid-ship turn signals on vehicles 30-feet or longer. When the lamp’s turn signal function is in operation the LEDs in the center for the lamp brightly illuminate intermittently to indicate a driver’s intentions.