Ryder System has launched the Ryder Fuel Receipt mobile app allowing commercial rental customers in to record non-Ryder fuel receipts to stay compliant with interstate fuel tax reporting.

The app can capture an image of the fuel receipt, add a few details about the purchase location and price, and submit the information to Ryder. Ryder will match the fuel on required interstate fuel tax reporting and store the fuel purchase history in the app for up to four years.

“The launch of our new Ryder Fuel Receipt app furthers our commitment to innovation and the environment, as we receive up to 25,000 individual fuel receipts a month from our customers and this new technology will now reduce the amount of paper used during the fuel tax reporting process,” said Melvin Kirk, Ryder chief information officer.  “Ryder is committed to setting the industry standard for IT-led business innovation that optimizes its customer experience while also accelerating performance and reducing costs.”

The app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.