Freight tracking technology provider FourKites has introduced FourKites CarrierLink, a free mobile app and tracking service for small to mid-size brokers.

FourKites is a cross-platform tracking service that aggregates data from fleet technology providers like Omnitracs, PeopleNet and 30 other providers. CarrierLink delivers tracking updates and is free for brokers to track up to 2,500 truckloads a month.

FourKites says it is committed to keeping the service free forever for brokers tracking 2,500 or fewer loads per month.

Beyond 2,500 truckloads per month, per-load charges will apply and FourKites’ aggregated ELD and GPS data service is not included in the free CarrierLink initiative. To Implement FourKites CarrierLink, a freight broker can sign up through the company’s website. FourKites will then notify drivers of the load assignment and start tracking every 15 minutes until the load is delivered.

FourKites CarrierLink offers operational benefits to freight brokers including geo-fencing and automatic alerts to update brokers on situations such as when a load is within five miles of a deliver point.

The app is currently only available for Android smartphones but an iOS app for iPhones is in the works, the company says.

“We’re offering a top-of-the-line and robust software program for free to encourage the greatest number of users to experience FourKites’ innovative platform,” said Matt Elenjickal, FourKites' CEO.  “Empowering small brokers with tracking and logistics tools normally only afforded by large firms is going to allow the entire industry to become more competitive.”