Todco’s Hold Open Door Keeper is a bottom roller holder that allows an open roll-up door to rest in the open position behind the header.  This higher open position is designed to provider operational and maintenance benefits.

The hinged roller is attached at the bottom door panel. When the door is in the open position, the top panel rests behind the header. In this position, the header shields the door from potentially costly damage during loading and unloading.

It also creates a clear, clean opening and increases loading and work space by providing the maximum height clearance to the truck body or trailer.

The integral link arm on the Hold Open Door Keeper is made of a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum and the pin mechanism is constructed of stainless steel. The backplate is available with E-coat or EverWare coating for improved corrosion resistance.

The Hold Open Door Keeper operates in applications of both 1- or 2-inch track and rollers.