Noregon Systems JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics 2015 v2 is the latest update to the diagnostics software platform.

The new version includes support for Paccar 2010 and newer CAN body controllers and has the ability to clear faults for Paccar MX engines. It also features support for proprietary sensor data on Detroit engines. JPRO 2015 v2 also includes a New Power Diagram in Data Monitor section to aid in the diagnosis of electrical problems.

Additionally, the new version also includes JPRO Command Module- Detroit Diesel as an add-on annual subscription to the JPRO Heavy-Duty Module. The new module covers model years 2000-2014 and includes bi-directional controls for Detroit Diesel Engines and Detroit Diesel 50-60 Series – DD13, DD15 and DD16. New features include a cylinder cut-off for 2000-2014 Detroit Diesel engines and DPF Service Regen for 2007-2014 Detroit Diesel engines.

 JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics software offers both in-shop and triage diagnostics solutions for fleets, OES dealers, municipalities and independent repair facilities. The software can scan a vehicle in under a minute to provide technicians with detailed OEM descriptions for over 38,000 fault codes cover class 7 engines including diesel, CNG, LNG and gasoline models. It also provides diagnosis for transmissions, ABS, and body and chassis controllers. It also has additional coverage modules for Class 2-7 Ford, GM and Sprinter vehicles.

The updated features are immediately available on new copies of 2015 v2. Those with current JPRO licenses with active support agreements can download the update directly from the JPRO fleet products website.