A new feature has been added to the Trucker Path app allowing users to see parking availability in locations across the country.

Truckers will be able to locate parking in their immediate vicinity as well as how many spaces are available in certain situations. The app will use crowd-sourced information to determine space availability.

“Finding parking will become far less stressful for drivers since they will be able to find opportunities faster and easier using Trucker Path’s unique crowd-sourcing capabilities,” said Ivan Tsybaev, CEO of Trucker Path.

The Trucker Path app also provides drivers a trip planner for route planning and for finding truck-friendly points of interest. The app displays hotels, motels, weigh stations, truck stops, truck washes, restaurants and rest areas.

Using the app, truckers can read peer reviews about locations accompanied by a rating. The information is verified and updated by the Trucker Path community of users.

The app is available for Android- or iOS-based smartphones and tablets.