Peterbilt’s Predictive Cruise technology automatically adjusts engine and transmission operation when in cruise control to improve fuel economy.

Predictive Cruise integrates powertrain, cruise control and satellite mapping to read the road ahead and adjust for a fuel economy improvement of up to 3%, according to Peterbilt. With the neutral coasting feature, Predictive Cruise uses a truck’s momentum to save fuel and engages engine braking to manage downhill speeds.

Predictive Cruise and neutral coast work together in five steps to efficiently use a truck’s kinetic energy.

  • When approaching a hill, the system uses onboard maps and GPS data to accelerate to the optimal speed and adjust for the increasing road grade.
  • Before the peak of the incline, the vehicle curbs its speed before proceeding downhill.
  • Neutral coast engages as the truck rolls downhill.
  • If necessary, the engine brake engages to avoid over speeding.
  • Cruising speed is maintained as the vehicle continues onto level terrain.

Predictive cruise also integrates with Peterbilt’s Driver Performance Assistant, coaching drivers to drive in a fuel efficient way. Predictive Cruise is available from the factory for both the Model 579 and 567 with plans to expand the feature to other products in the future.