Talbert Manufacturing now offers Valspar R-Cure 800 as its standard paint designed for better corrosion protection and longer-lasting color and gloss. Additionally, Talbert offers Valspar’s Aquaguard primer as an upgrade for more corrosion protection.

R-Cure 800 is a two-component, reactive-cure paint that holds its initial gloss and color for at least 1,500 hours, even after exposure to bad weather. The paint also protects Talbert’s heavy-haul trailers against scratches and chips when out on the road.

Talbert recommends using Valspar R-Cure 800 with either an optional zinc-rich primer or Aquaguard upgrade.

Talbert’s standard alkyd primer is designed for a variety of applications but for more extreme environments, Talbert offers  primer upgrades for enhanced corrosion protection. Aquaguard is designed for working in highly corrosive environments, such as within an industrial atmosphere, and offers similar results to galvanizing.

When used along with R-Cure 800, both the zinc-rich primer and Aquaguard provide 60% less creep from scribe, says Talbert.

To ensure the best corrosion detection, Talbert recommends combining R-Cure 800 and Aquaguard. Trailers with this pairing have less corrosion beneath the coating than using the standard alkyd primer. The use of Aquaguard gives a comparable level of protection as galvanizing, but without the added weight and, unlike galvanizing, Aquaguard is non-toxic when welding is involved.