The new Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant - Nitrite Free (ELC NF) is designed to better protect aluminum components in today's hotter-running engines.
“Shell Rotella ELC-NF was formulated to meet more severe operational conditions of modern, hot-running engines,” said Stede Granger, Shell's OEM technical manager. “This is particularly important for new emission engines, especially those with exhaust gas recirculation.”

Nitrites in antifreeze are fine for iron parts, but engines now have more aluminum components, including modern brazed aluminum heat exchangers, which nitrates attack, he explained. So eliminating nitrites protects the aluminum parts, and Rotella ELC NFmeets many of the newest OEM specifications.

The formulation may also be used in fleets that include passenger cars and light duty trucks. The coolant is proven for extended-life operation in medium and heavy duty diesel, gasoline, and natural gas vehicles and engines, Stede said.
Shell says the new coolant offers heat transfer that is superior to conventional coolants, as well as excellent cavitation (pitting) and related damage protection on cylinder liners, so it can help extend the life of water pumps, radiators and other cooling system components.  Rotella ELC NF is compatible with other extended-life coolants. And it has no supplemental coolant additives (SCA) or extender use required for the life of the coolant.

Shell extended life coolants are designed to go 600,000 on-highway miles or 12,000 hours in commercial applications, and beyond with proper monitoring, Shell says. They also provide overall reduction in cooling system maintenance.