DAT Solutions integrated the freight tracking technology designed by MacroPoint enabling users of DAT’s Keypoint TMS to track freight carried by third party drivers and for-hire carriers.

“Because the MacroPoint solution can be deployed on a load-by-load basis, our non-asset based customers have an extremely cost effective way to track their loads from pickup to delivery,” said Steve Blair, general manager of DAT Keypoint.

By knowing where packages are at all times, brokers and 3PL customers will have a competitive advantage, says Blair. 

DAT Keypoint users will also be able to receive automatic location updates by cellphone.There is no in-cab tracking hardware required and the automatic updates will work with both smartphones and older style flip phones.

“MacroPoint is excited by the opportunity to integrate our software directly with the DAT Keypoint Interface,” said Bennett Adelson, president of MacroPoint. “DAT Keypoint customers now have all the tools they need to enhance their freight tracking accuracy and address any shipping issues in real time.”