Phillips Industries released three new trailer-harness pigtail products that are sealed to keep out moisture and contaminants. There are separate harnesses for stop-tail-turn, mid-turn and marker/clearance lights.

The stop-tail-turn and mid-turn light pigtails have three bullet connectors on one end and either a PL-3 connector or 90 degree PL-3 connector on the other end. 

The marker/clearance light pigtails have two bullet connections on one end and either a 2-pin AMP connector with a sealed boot, PL-10 connector or flat seal connector on the other end. All of the pigtails are molded to protect against contaminants.

Also, the Phillips Pigtail Adapter converts a PL-3 connector used for incandescent trailer lighting to a 3-Pin AMP connector for LEDs. The adapter has a sealed boot for protection against the elements as well.

The pigtail harnesses can be purchased at Phillips authorized dealers.