Cyclo’s PermaStop is a one-step cooling system repair solution that the company says can permanently stop a leak within a minute. PermaStop works on head gaskets, radiators, heater cores, freeze plugs, water pump casings, cylinder heads and engine blocks.

PermaStop is a highly concentrated formula with a copper blend that's designed to keep seal-activating particulars in motion longer resulting in a more effective seal.

“Mechanics always want an easy, quick and reliable solution in the garage,” said Doug Salazar, VP of business operations at Cyclo. “We took exactly what the mechanic wanted and created a one-step, 60 second solution that is also extremely effective.”

PermaStop not only repairs a cooling system leak but it also continues to seal the problem long after the initial use, says Cyclo.

Cyclo Industries produces products for the automotive, heavy duty, fleet, industrial, agricultural and marine industries.