Transtex Composite released the ezEdge, a three-piece, modular trailer skirt developed for after-market OEMs, dealers and distributors that is designed to be easier to install and store than previous models.

“Our goal was a solution with the same durability and competitive price as our single panel product but was easier to ship, store and install,” said Marc Bolduc, general manager of Transtex.

Two people can install the modular trailer skirt in 40 minutes while OEM’s with proper equipment could install it in as little as 15 minutes, says Transtex. No special tools are required and the skirt comes with an installation video and panel positioning guide to help guide the process.

By installing the ezEdge skirt, carriers could see fuel savings of up to 7.3%, according to Transtex.

“Just like our single-panel Edge trailer skirts, carriers should expect to save up to 7.3% in fuel costs,” said Bolduc. “At that rate, the average carrier will find Edge skirts pay for themselves in under a year.”

Edge trailer skirts are SmartWay-verified and CARB-compliant and are made from glass-reinforced thermoplastic composite material.