New company RevHD is offering wheel-end parts which it says are designed to fit more securely and last longer.

RevHD manufactures wheel end products under the brand name Revolution. Company founders Brian Beathard and Matt Stovall say they want to change the way people think about the hub-installed seal.

The seal has long been considered the weakest link in the chain, but RevHD says the Revolution Seal is anything but, saying the one-piece seals are the only seals in the world designed to be installed by hand, tool, or hammer. Beathard and Stoval say the new seals get a perfect fit every time, for a seal that lasts longer.

The seal comes with a free tube of seal lubricant, a special formula designed by RevHD that allows for easier installation and helps prevent future leaks.

In addition to its Revolution Seals, RevHD also offers a single locking nut, bearing sets and hubcaps with more to come, said Stovall.

“We added 50% more steel and constructed double bumpers to withstand the harshest impacts,” said Matt Stovall, co-owner of RevHD. The sealing lip runs on a polished surface to provide even longer life.”

The seals were tested on a logging fleet in Alabama where the trailers were 30-40 years old to gauge the product in extreme conditions. The seals were installed with a rubber mallet and after a year and a half of testing RevHD says its seals were still effective. They said that previously the fleet in Alabama never had a seal last more than six months.

RevHD guarantees their premium Rev Max seal for three years and the Rev 1 seal for one year and will replace the seal and pay for a new brake kit if it fails before the warranty is up.