Advantage PressurePro and Shaw Tracking now have a partnership in place that provides customers with real time, fully integrated vehicle performance information.

All of PressurePro’s advanced tire pressure managment systems can be offered across all of Shaw Tracking’s in-cab Mobile Computing Platforms. Adding both in-cab monitoring solutions direct to the MCP viewable as well as complete remote monitoring options, the PressurePro and Shaw are helping fleets revolutionize their tire management programs, according to the companies.

“As the leaders and pioneers in our industry, we not only want to give our users the most thorough performance information, we want to bring give that data in a way that they can gain the absolute most efficiency out of it,” says Vanessa Hargrave, PressurePro’s director of marketing. “With remote options alongside of Shaw, our users not only gain the ability to monitor every single tire in a fleet from a central location, they also gain the ability to log and analyze this information allowing insights to tire performance previously unattainable.”

“With this strategic partnership, fleets of all sizes now have full monitoring and reporting capabilities of tire performance information directly to the MCP in-cab display and to the back office,” says Kate Rahn, director of sales and marketing at Shaw Tracking. “Fleets can now proactively monitor tire inflation data to quickly address critical tire maintenance needs, helping fleets extend the life of their tires, and prevent accidents caused by improper tire care, allowing significant additions to safety and savings."