A new, high-performance line of LED replacement headlamps from Philips Automotive North America provide direct replacement applications on a wide range of vehicles with traditional 5- by 7-inch rectangular and 7-inch round sealed-beam headlamps.

Philips says these new DOT-compliant LED headlamps feature the same innovative Luxeon Altilon LED technology used in the latest luxury vehicles to deliver high performance and increased durability.

Philips’ new LED headlamps deliver precise illumination and a bright white 5600 K light output that is closer to the color temperature of daylight, while  improving overall nighttime visibility. The complex reflector design optimizes and evenly distributes light to create an ideal beam pattern and increased visibility while reducing glare.

The innovative LED design is said to last up to 50 times longer than standard incandescent sealed-beam headlamps.

The rugged construction of Philips’ new LED headlamps makes them ideal for use in harsh conditions, both on and off road. The headlamps are built with a military-grade, die-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability. The polycarbonate lens prevents yellowing and scratching, while a hardened epoxy coating resists vibration and shock. The waterproof, breathable design allows heat to escape and prevents condensation, claims Philips.