MATS, LOUISVILLE – East Manufacturing has a newly designed aluminum drop-deck beavertail trailer with level-deck ramp system for heavy-duty, robust applications.

The beavertail rear offers roll-up, roll-down capability for loads and otherwise has same durability, strength and payload of the East BST Aluminum Drop Deck Trailer, the company’s statement said. The ramp section folds up to become part of the usable deck surface. Decks are available in all aluminum or wood.

The new trailer’s structural load rating includes 80,000-pound beam capacity overall, and 60,000-pound beam capacity in a 10-foot area. A dual-T main beam and exclusive cross member design increase durability and balance load stresses more evenly for longer life and less maintenance.

Its two T-shape extrusion sections of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy are welded, not bolted, East said. The weld is in the middle of the beam where stress is minimal. Seamless-tubed crossmembers are more twist resistant in a turn than conventional C-shaped and I-beam cross members.

The patented cross member is more aerodynamic with no open cavities for buildup of ice, snow, mud and salt.  East believes the crossmember’s smoother profile cuts drag and saves some fuel, but has not tested it for such performance.

The beavertail’s hollow-core side-rail design, Securelight, provides a conduit for wiring to be fully enclosed, and is standard with PC-rated LED surface-mounted lights. A fully-sealed rear panel is water resistant. Recessed grooves protect conspicuity tape and rubber dock blocks, and a heavy-wall bumper provides added protection.  

The beavertail comes standard with a Hendrickson HT250US air-ride suspension with a Tri-Functional bushing, rigid beam and solid-axle connection. These provide the ideal combination of ride softness and roll stability, East said.  

Alcoa 17.5-inch aluminum wheels come standard on the beavertail, along with Jost International’s AX150 Alumilight landing gear. More information is at