SKF has expanded its air system product offering to include the Separator Filter Dryer, an air dryer for providing contaminant free air to pneumatic devices. Typical applications include point-of-use such as spray booths, works stations and air lines in service bays that use pneumatic tools. The SFD can also be mounted on small air compressors.
Designed to keep compressed air free of oil, contaminants and moisture, the SFD incorporates a three-in-one system that typically requires less than 10% of air for regeneration and achieves a -40° F pressure dewpoint for flow rates of up to 40 CFM.
Compact and easy-to-install, the SFD features accessible valves and two spin-on desiccant cartridges for easy maintenance. It uses less electrical than other air drying methods and extends service life of pneumatic devices and tools.